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Charlie Sperring is a widely published global advertising, reality tv and motion picture stills photographer and camera operator based in Cape Town, South Africa.

His worldwide client base continues to flourish, working with iconic brands such as the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, ITV, Sky1, the BBC(UK), Network 10(Australia), and Mnet(South Africa).

“My passion for what I do, and the journey that inevitably ensues, creates some wild adventures, both career wise and in life! I am so fortunate that I really do love my vocation. I thrive on the process, each scenario in every way different, while continuously being inspired and humbled by the overachievers I get to collaborate with, and the collective sense of pride we share when it all comes together!

As a photographer, I do feel that capturing an image that has an emotive narrative is my primary objective. Be it with talent, or just a scene, the viewer needs to be moved in a direction that translates either the story I am trying to tell, or the scene that is unfolding. “




m +27 76 560 9235

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