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Reality Tv

My career path has naturally evolved to lead me into this specialised niche. At the outset, I may not have been particularly drawn to the subject matter, but the irresistible allure of adventure, as exemplified by shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race, proved impossible to resist. As I became more deeply involved in these productions, it was the incredible teams I had the privilege of working with that truly became my extended family, cementing my commitment to this journey and leaving me yearning for even greater experiences.

Survivor S7 EP8 IMG_7552-2_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 Z0C5C1864.jpg
Survivor S7 EP11 IMG_4983_edited.jpg
SSA9_EP1_Day1_17Jan_CS 1C3B5598_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP7 IMG_6267.jpg
Survivor S7 EP8 IMG_7450.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 IMG_9616.jpg
IAC AUS S9 EP20 Trial_N6A2254.jpg
IAC S6 EP19 The Big Wave IMGL8812_edited_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP17 IMG_7495.jpg
IAC AUS S9 EP16 Trial_N6A0172 (1).jpg
SSA9_EP2_TRIBAL_19Jan_CS 1C3B1431_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP7 0C5C7916.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 Survivor S7 EP9 IMG_0027.jpg
Survivor S7 EP7 0C5C8399.jpg
Survivor S7 EP8 0C5C1233.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A2428_edited.jpg
Sky 1.jpg
IAC S6 EP2 HOUSE GRUELS trial P89A6203_edited.jpg
SSA9_EP6_DAY1_26JAN_CS 1C3B0109_edited.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A6110_edited.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A3010_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 IMG_9912-2.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 Survivor S7 EP9 Z0C5C3052.jpg
Survivor S7 EP15 IMG_0250.jpg
IAC AUS S9 Final Trial_N6A3885_edited.jpg
IAC S6 EP6  trial IMGL2933_edited.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A7462_edited.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A1416_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP10 IMG_3803-2_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP10 IMG_3764-2.jpg
Survivor S7 EP9 Z0C5C2194.jpg
Survivor S7 EP17 GOPR0137.jpg
Amazing Race Charlie©Sperring 6E3A8139_edited.jpg
Survivor S7 EP14 IMG_7705.jpg
Survivor S7 EP8 0C5C1637.jpg
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